Nominations Committee
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Nominations Committee



Within the Administrative Board there is a Nominations Committee composed of the vicemoderator and two to four members of the congregation in good standing. Duties of this committee include:

• Presentation of nominations for all vacancies on the board and teams of the church.  (The right of a church member to make a nomination from the floor at the spring meeting shall be recognized, providing consent of the nominee has been made prior to the spring meeting.)
• In case any nominee, after election, declines to serve, or for any reason is not able to continue, the Nominations Committee is authorized to fill the existing vacancy with
approval of the Administrative Board only.
• The Nominations Committee shall select the quota of delegates of the church to the Michigan Conference, the Michigan Covenant Association and any others as directed by the Administrative Board.
• The Nominations Committee shall promote the giving of individuals' time and talent to the life, work, leadership and ministry of the church. It shall also request, inventory and maintain the knowledge of members’ time and talents.