Green Committee
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First Congregational United Church of Christ | 6494 Belsay Road Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439

Green Committee


First Congregational Church’s Green Committee has started a recycling program here at church! We now recycling paper products, which include envelopes, junk mail, copy paper, construction paper, and shredded paper (bagged and tied). We have places recycling bins in various locations around the church.

We are also recycling cans, bottles and plastic containers.

Please also feel free to bring your paper from home to recycle here.  The green committee has registered our church for the Abitibi Paper Retriever program The green and yellow bin is located in the parking lot for paper recycling only and the Grand Blanc community can join in the recycling.  (NW Corner of Belsay & Perry Roads)

As a church that is home to the Learning House and dozens of community programs, we feel that creating an recycling program was a responsible thing to do for our community and the environment. Additionally it  provides us as a church, the opportunity to be positive role models to the hundreds of young people we encounter each year.  We hope that our neighbors in the community share our commitment to the planet and embrace recycling. We welcome everyone to use the new paper retriever bin.

-John Urogdy  FCC Green Committee Member

Paper Recycling Grand Blanc | FCUCC

Anyone is welcome to join the committee. We will be working on other ways the church can be environmentally friendly.  To become a member of the Green Committee, please contact Susan Urogdy.